How To Choose Picture Framing Glass

There are multiple choices when it comes to framing glass, also known as glazing. Knowing the difference between them can make an impact upon the art or photos you plan on getting framed. Maybe you plan on putting your framed piece in a sunny hallway. Need to protect a delicate family heirloom. Or a simple project to change it out with seasonal decor. Here are a few tips to reference to make your decision quick and easy!


Clear glass is the most cost effective of the glasses. Though the reflective glare is the most intense on this glass. If reflection and 50% UV protection is not a worry for you then this is a fine option.


Conservation clear is a glass option with 99% UV Protection to help protect pieces against any sort of fading. A step up from the simple clear glass. Much like the clear glass though it will have glare when in sun or under lights and best suited to be out of direct light even with UV protection. Recommended for pieces that will get a lot of sunlight but keep in mind there still will be glare from the glass if in direct light. 


Anti Reflective has a no glare treatment which makes this another option for a glass choice above clear glass. It is a great choice for when you want the glass to be nearly invisible. The reduce glare makes me give this glass a recommendation for interchanging or seasonal pieces. There is no UV protection in this glass so your art and photos can still fade over time.


Museum is the best choice when you have an heirloom, valuable photo or art piece to last for the long haul. This glass has anti reflective coatings and 99% UV protection. So no glare or fading. Though this is a more of an investment, this is the glass I recommend most for preservation pieces.


Plexiglass is commonly used for over sized or heavy projects. Glass is available up to limited large sizes and can vary on each type of glass. Glass also breaks easier than plexiglass, which may be something to consider depending on where you are going to hang your piece. 


Have any more questions about glazing? Let me know! I’d be happy to answer them for you.